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Sample Drawing Page/Pets
People/Pets Portrait Page

Below is an example of a pet photo and below that the drawing. It is crucial for someone wanting a pet drawing to choose a really, really good photograph. A picture you like a lot. Secondary pictures, from other angles, can also help to identify colorings, markings, coat, etc. Remember, I will return the photo if need be, but it is better to send a copy.


A fuzzy photograph of a black labador will be very difficult to draw. Well lighted, well defined pictures work out the best.

A drawing is not a photograph, the images you see on this page will give you a good idea if you would be happy with the finished project.

I will scan a send a small image of the picture to you. If you are happy with the image, or want another detail included let me know and I will forward the original drawing in a cardboard mailer to your address. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the image, I will keep the drawing and add it to my "sample" page. You would not be obligated to forward payment.


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Note: This is not an exact replica, the background is different, the couch is a different color and the dog's eyes are more defined.