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People/Pets Portrait Page

Welcome to the People/Pets Portrait Drawing Page!
The pages here have high resolution images.
Be patient for them to load!

Including on this webpage are examples of recent portrait drawings. All portraits are drawn from photos. Anyone interested in arranging to have a portrait drawn can look at the examples to see what the finished product might look like.
Click on links above to see other examples.

The cost to have a portrait done is $100 dollars flat per person. Costs: 1 person=$100 or 2 people=$200 (and so on) plus any postage costs associated with mailing. That $100 dollae cost is the same for pets, dogs, cats, horses all cost the same. The cost is the same whether you are interested in black and white or multi-colored drawings. Typically various types of pencils are used on a white backgroud. When the drawing is complete, I will provide you with the orginal copy. Any copy shop could make as many copies as you desire. Photos used can be returned, but it is a good idea to provide an extra photographic copy if it is a cherished photograph.

Use the sample links at the top of this page to see sample drawings. If you are interested in contacting me to set up a portrait drawing you can reach me by e-mail at You do not need to meet with me personally, we can arrange everything by mail.

My personal guarantee: After I complete the drawing, I will e-mail you a smaller image of the portrait, if you are not pleased with the likeness, you will not be obligated to forward payment. If you do like the drawing, I will mail it to you in a cardboard mailer as soon as I receive payment.


All the drawings you see are copyrighted.